AfterParty Launches AI-Generated Creator Clones With New Funding — The Information #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

Two years ago, VC hype for the creator economy started to merge with excitement for another hot sector: crypto. Companies that focused on creators and incorporated blockchain technologies garnered millions of dollars in new funding. While many of those companies are now flailing, some have still been able to raise capital, especially those embracing the new trend of the moment: artificial intelligence.  

In recent months, AfterParty, a blockchain-based startup whose tech connects creators with their fans, raised $5 million in a strategic growth round led by Blockchange Ventures, bringing its total funding to $12 million. It’s using that money to launch a new platform called AfterParty AI that creates AI-powered facsimiles of creators, which can respond to fans individually. AfterParty’s financing and plans haven’t been previously reported. 

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