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Ever wonder what it means to be a good neighbor? Or better yet – have you ever thought about what nice gesture or act of kindness a neighbor of yours might appreciate? Perhaps a neighbor where you live? Could even be a ‘work neighbor.’ In any event, someone with whom you share a proximity – and someone who could almost certainly benefit from some form of human goodness. These are the simple things. Being aware. Being thoughtful. And taking action. So, vitally important, especially in these times when people are feeling increasingly isolated and lonely – and very much looking for community.

Won’t you be my neighbor? It’s a phrase all of us have heard, made famous by the one and only Mr. Rogers. Yet when he said this, Mr. Rogers wasn’t necessarily referring to someone we live next to, he was also referring to treating those whom we meet throughout our lives. Each one of us will be the giver or receiver of someone’s help. To be supported and supporting others enables us to connect with other people. When we’re a good neighbor, we help build trust, hope, and understanding. Realistically, a neighbor could be just about anyone. It could be someone we sit down next to on a plane, a person we’re in line with at the grocery store, even someone who may not come from the same place as we do, but who we share a mutual experience with. So, in this context, what does it mean to truly be a good neighbor?

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