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Image Source : TWITTER/@ACCCGOVAU Australians have lost over Rs. 57 crore; Find out

Online fraud has been increasing each day with the complete shift to the digital era. For a long time, hackers have been changing their tactics for defrauding the unwary. A new WhatsApp text message fraud has alarmed and warned people in Australia. The “Hi mum” scam has cost Australians over Rs 57 crores. Fraudsters act as close friends and family members to persuade individuals to give them money.

The Independent reported that scammers who pose as family members tell their victims they have lost their phone and are attempting to reach them at a different number. According to the report, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has predicted a sharp rise in the number of victims of the scam over the last three months. In this case, 11,000 people were scammed of $7.2 million this year. The majority of the victims were women over the age of 55. 

The ACCC took to their Twitter account and shared a statement, which read, “We’re urging Australians to be wary of phone messages from a family member or friend claiming they need help, following a significant rise in ‘Hi Mum’ scams. More than 1,150 people fell victim to the scam, with total reported losses of $2.6 million.”  

Along with the statement, the agency shared a few screenshots of the chat between the scammers and victims as an example to make people aware of what was happening.

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While data and loss appear to be quite high in Australia, scams occur frequently these days, and individuals must double-check before making any transaction or sharing any details. Nowadays, stealing money is not a difficult game for scammers, so in this digital world, one must be extra cautious when giving their information to anyone or submitting their personal information on any website.

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