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Reports tell us that the Tampa Police Department arrested a man who stole peoples phones in Ybor and gained access to their bank accounts. Reginald Pierre Perry has been arrested on numerous charges. He’s received a charge of organized fraud of $20,000 to $50,000, robbery by sudden snatching, robbery with a weapon and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Back in June, Perry was caught receiving a phone from a stranger. He took the phone, made a call and then walked out of store. Perry ended up sending himself a cash app totaling $2,412.

Ybor Phone Scam

Detectives want us to Beware of the Ybor phone scam. Someone will approach you and ask to borrow your phone to make a phone call. Once you are not paying attention, they will Cash App or Apple Pay themselves money. Since it’s Ybor, the person who is letting them borrow their phone will likely be intoxicated and won’t know money is missing until the next morning.

Police also connected Perry to other cases in Ybor. In February he went up to a victim who was helping another friend that was sick. He put a knife up to her stomach and demanded he see her phone. Days later, the victim noticed that Perry had cash app’d himself money.

In April, another victim was leaving a bar and was approached by several suspects.  Perry and other males ordered the victim to hand over his phone, wallet and an 18k gold family heirloom class ring. The victim later discovered multiple charges to his credit cards totaling $4,909. He reported a loss of over 18K.

Please be cautious when letting others use your phone. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know? I know it happened in other parts of Florida, bu know it’s hit Ybor. Feel free to email me

Which Florida City Made The List With Highest Murder Rates In U.S.

There’s lots to love about the Sunshine State, but we’re also notorious for the craziest crimes. One Florida city even ranked in the top 15 for highest murder rates in America. It’s not really a list we love to see Florida on, but we can’t say we’re not surprised with all the insane stuff that happens here.

Our friends at ranked the top 30 cities in the country with the highest murder rates per 1,000 residents. They condensed their research by including cities with 25,000 or more people. They collected their data by the number of murders reported to the FBI to have occurred in each city, and the population of each city. The city population data comes straight from the US Bureau of the Census at the time of each analysis. For instance, the 2022 list population uses 2020 population figures. The 2021 list uses 2019 figures, and so forth.

There were 14 new cities making the list this year. “The newcomer on this list with the highest murder rate is Saginaw, MI. The number of murders in Saginaw more than doubled from the previous year.” Thankfully (and surprisingly) only one Florida city was ranked in the research.

Here’s the top 15 cities with the highest murder rate. Click here to see the full list. 


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