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Amongst social media giants, WhatsApp perhaps has the biggest subscribership to claim with a billion users. The platform time and again provides several features that make the overall messaging experience within it easy and intuitive. However, the ability to send functional external links on WhatsApp is reportedly being exploited by scammers on the platform, especially during the holidays and New Year season, when users are more active on the instant messaging platform. Additionally, scammers are also sending text messages to WhatsApp users and initiating conversations in a bid to extract vital information. Users are advised to be aware of such WhatsApp scams. 

A new WhatsApp scam that has arisen on the platform in recent days takes advantage of working external links on the platform. The scam, named “” or “” is being circulated by WhatsApp users themselves. The fraud involves the circulation of a WhatsApp link with the aforementioned address. As soon as a user opens the link, a web-based interface lures them by promising an assured gift or informing them about the prize of a giveaway. Thereafter, it makes the user do certain tasks like sending the link to five other WhatsApp users in exchange for assuring their prize, which usually is an expensive gift.

How does the WhatsApp scam work?

However, as the user opens the web page and performs all the tasks, the page collects vital information concerning the user including their IP address, name of the device and other personal details such as name, age, address etc. As there seems to be more than one link that is in circulation, they ask for different information. For instance, while one link might ask the user to share it with other WhatsApp users, the other asks users to fill a survey with information such as bank account details, which can then be used to rob the user. 

Be cautious while replying to unknown DMs on WhatsApp

Another scam that is currently active on WhatsApp involves the users getting random messages from someone that might read “sorry, I did not recognise you” or “may I know who this is.” As and when the user replies to this message, the scammer initiates conversation with them, tricking them into revealing their personal details such as name, age, email ID, occupation, social media handles and more. These details can later be used by the bad actors in multiple ways. Both the scams are currently active on WhatsApp.

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