Children in Gaza need life-saving support | #daitngscams | #lovescams

More than 625,000 students in the Gaza Strip have been affected by attacks on education, losing access to safe places to learn. These children will fall behind and grow up without the skills they need and at greater risk exploitation and abuse.

And through it all, children remain cut off from psychosocial care. Even before this latest escalation, more than 500,000 children in Gaza were identified as needing mental health and psychosocial support. Today, every child has been exposed to deeply distressing events and trauma, marked by widespread destruction and displacement. Meanwhile, parents and caregivers are themselves under intense mental strain.  

“The impacts on children and their mental health are immediate and will be long-lasting.” 

Where wars rage, children suffer. Families across the region have been impacted and children exposed to unthinkable distress. Worldwide, an alarming rise in hate speech and bigotry is tearing communities apart. 

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