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Gillian McKeith’s daughters said they were the butt of the jokes growing up as their mum rose to fame inspecting people’s poo and fainting during her stint on 2010’s I’m a Celebrity

Gillian, who appeared on All Stars I’m a Celeb series in South Africa, with her daughters Afton and Skylar(COLLECTS)

Gillian McKeith’s girls today hit back at claims she is Britain’s most annoying woman to claim their mum is just “misunderstood”.

Skylar, 28, and Afton, 23, spoke out after Gillian and Shaun Ryder became the first stars to be evicted from ITV ’s I’m A Celeb after five days on Friday.

The sisters admit Gillian’s rise to fame as the ‘Poo Lady’ made them the butt of jokes when they were growing up.

Skylar told how she was bullied at school because of her diet guru mum’s passion for studying other people’s stools on You Are What You Eat.

She said: “I was at secondary school in London and I had people shouting down the hallway, ‘Skylar, I saw your mum sniffing poo on TV last night’.

Gillian was known as ‘poo lady’ at her daughter’s schools(ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

“They were horrible and made fun of me. I really struggled.

“One day, a boy pushed me against a wall and held a lighter to my face. I was like, ‘I’m done’, and was homeschooled for a bit.”

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