India, as part of Quad, must be wary of not being used by US for its military objectives in Asia | #lovescams | #military | #datingscams

The fundamental question before Quad and the Indo-Pacific economic framework is their preparedness to understand and prioritise their tasks. Available documents say that deliberations in Quad had only passing references to the most threatening challenges of our times. The Quad leaders were emphasising upon their political and economic ends.

There is every likelihood that the platform of Quad may be utilised as yet another instrument for the geopolitical designs of the US. Partners like India seem to become co-players in this global game.

Whenever any conflict arises in any part of the globe, the US tries to get involved in it with its imperialist political designs. For them, every conflict is an opportunity to expand the arms race. Hence doors of dialogue are undermined. Institutions like UNO are drastically weakened.

In the Tokyo summit also, on regional conflicts, the same approach of the US was visible. Partners like India took varying positions. They were united on China, but not on Russia. For the US, the Pentagon and the military industrial complex are vital for any foreign policy initiative. In Europe, they are on the way to expand NATO.

In Asia, the erstwhile SEATO (South-East Asian Treaty Organisation) is almost dormant. Will the US use the Quad alliance to fill that vacuum? The defence deals and the joint military exercises in the Pacific points to this aspect of the Quad alliance.

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