It’s time we talked about the mental load of selling stuff online | #datingscams | #lovescams | #facebookscams

While my Christmas holidays featured delights like prawns and ocean swims, a good chunk was spent chasing after my toddler who finally decided to walk.

But the chaos and instability of a small person upright for the first time pales in comparison to the hectic scenes of flogging stuff online.

Being in my home for extended periods of time is always a threat to the items that reside in it.

Dress I never wore? That could be $20 in my wallet.

Outdoor table setting we haven’t used in more than 12 months? $700.

Walker my son no longer needs? $30.

The mental load of being ghosted, negotiating prices, spotting scams and arranging pick-ups?

Far from priceless.

It was during the eleventy-billionth message exchange I’d had with someone over a $5 toy when I realised this wheeling and dealing was really taking the joy out of spring cleaning.

As the dedicated “Facebook Marketplace person” in my household, my partner is eternally grateful for my efforts.

A self-proclaimed hoarder, he was never going to be cut out for the wild west of the likes of Gumtree, eBay and Depop.

If you’re also the second-hand seller in your family — I see you.

And it’s time we talked about the mental load of listing stuff online.

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