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RAIPUR: Terming love-jihad as an issue in Chhattisgarh, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Wednesday that Bemetara district, which witnessed communal violence leading to the death of three persons, has become a hub of love-jihad. “The daughters of OBC communities are being targeted, as ‘Bhupesh Kaka’s government is in deep slumber”, he said promising that if the BJP is elected to power, individuals will not dare to engage in love-jihad activities.
Addressing a large crowd in Saja and Baloda Bazar assembly constituency in Chhattisgarh, Shah launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, alleging that his government indulged in corruption of various kinds while ignoring such crucial issues. Saja and Baloda Bazar will go to polls in the second phase of assembly elections on November 17 with 70 seats.
“Bemetara emerged as a hub of love-jihad under the reign of Bhupesh Kaka, and the daughters of Sahu, Lodhi, and Gond communities were targeted. But this government was deep in slumber. Who would wake them up? Only you and your vote. Elect the BJP in power, and I promise no one will dare to indulge in love-jihad,” Shah told the people.
Once known as an education hub where youths from different places would come to study during the BJP’s regime, the Durg division has been destroyed by Bhupesh Baghel, who turned it into a hub of ‘sattebazi’ betting platforms, alleged Shah.
Referring to the controversial Mahadev Book betting app and the ongoing investigations, Shah said, “Besides, if you want to run a satta racket, do it, but why damage Mahadev’s image by coining it as the Mahadev app? On one hand, Modi ji names the spot where Chandrayan lander reached the moon’s surface as ‘Shivshakti,’ and on the other, Bhupesh used ‘Mahadev’s’ name for a satta app. He should have used his own name for the Satta app. If, by mistake, Kaka returns to power, you will not be able to take Mahadev’s name because the moment this name is taken, Bhupesh gets scared of the police. He has committed a big sin of pushing the youths of Chhattisgarh into the betting line, and here begins your countdown.”
Mocking the betting market and the latest discussions on who would win the elections in the state, Shah said that even those who play ‘satta’ are now betting on Congress’s defeat. He mentioned that a journalist in Chhattisgarh informed him that even the betting platform predicts Congress is losing.
Shah asked the women in the public if the Baghel government fulfilled the promise of a liquor ban in the state. “Instead of imposing a liquor ban, Bhupesh Kaka indulged in an excise scam worth Rs 5000 crore and didn’t care about the needs of women. We have decided to give Rs 12000 annually to each married woman. Now, after the BJP announced this Mehtari Vandan scheme in its manifesto, Baghel jumped, saying we will also give money to women. I ask, Bhupesh Kaka, how can you guarantee such a thing when your own guarantee is at stake?”
Speaking about guarantees, Shah said, “Congress, in 70 years, did not do anything to build the Ram temple in Ayodhya and only tried to put it on hold, make it stuck, and mislead the whole issue. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji laid its foundation stone, and the temple will be inaugurated on January 22, 2024. Dear people of Saja, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi bullied me from 2014-19, taunting me every day by saying, ‘mandir wahin banaenge, tithi kab bataenge’ (Will build the temple there, but on which date). I am here with a date today; you choose us in power, and I guarantee to take the people of Chhattisgarh on a tour to the Ram temple in Ayodhya.”
Shah said that he decided to come to Saja on the last day of electioneering because he is adamant about getting justice for Bhubaneshwar Sahu, killed in violence in April. His father, Ishwar Sahu, is contesting elections from the BJP.
“Ishwar Sahu is not just a candidate but a symbol of the fight for justice. Under Kaka’s government, the communal elements brutally killed Bhubaneshwar. When Bhupesh’s people reached Sahu’s home with a cheque in hand and a job offer, Ishwar refused to accept them and demanded justice. Getting him justice is now our responsibility,” Shah said.
He recounted alleged scams in PSC, liquor, coal transportation, and unfulfilled promises of recruitment in government posts, saying that after December 3, once the BJP comes to power, Modi has guaranteed to fill one lakh posts all at once, maintaining transparency.
Shah said that Congress has always insulted the OBC section and never acknowledged their constitutional rights. BJP is the first party to have given a President coming from the extreme backward section, and Modi ji’s cabinet has 27 ministers from the backward class, with 100 MPs out of 303 coming from the OBC class. Rahul Baba abuses the OBCs.
Reiterating his comments on Chhattisgarh CM acting as the prepaid CM and ATM for Congress leaders in Delhi, Shah said that the prepaid works on the basis of the amount recharged. They have made Chhattisgarh a collection center and got involved in scams, including that of cow dung under Godhan Nyay Yojana. He added, saying, “Kaka has gulped more than Rs 1000 crore, but don’t worry, whoever is involved in money irregularities will be hanged upside down and corrected. We are bent on bringing Chhattisgarh to the top of the list of the best states in the country.”

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