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Love During Lockup Season 2 is all set to air on Friday, October 21, 2022, on WE Tv at 9/8c with four new couples. Along with the new couple, viewers will also see a returning singleton and a bachelor looking for love on the show.

The series’ second season, which premiered in January 2022, films the lives of people who are madly in love with people behind bars. Additionally, the show has:

“plenty of romance, suspicion, and investigation, all long before a scheduled prison release.”

Love During Lockup 2022 (Season 2) cast list

In Love During Lockup, whereas every non-con has a unique strategy for finding love with inmates, some lonely civilians are simply on the hunt for their very own “hot felon.”

The four couples who are appearing on Season 2 of Love During Lockup 2022 are listed below.

1) Chelsea and Mike (Richwood, OH)

Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter
Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter

Chelsea, who is deaf, met Mike on social media. Battling a feeling of loneliness, Chelsea checked out a Facebook inmate pen pal group, where she met her dream man. To communicate with her, Mike learned ASL. As per the official press release of Love During Lockup, the couple’s chemistry is defined as:

“Only having communicated in 30-second videograms and letters, she hopes a planned prison visit will give them the chance to meet face-to-face so they can finally sign in person.”

However, a surprising secret during their first visit might put their relationship in jeopardy.

2) Emily and Dauri (Union, NJ)

Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter
Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter

Emily unexpectedly fell in love with Dauri while pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. She connected with him via a pen pal ad. After developing a true connection with him, she stated that she is ready to

“let anything slide, even scams and cheating – but only if it comes with a big ring… that she’s using his stimulus money to buy!”

The couple have been in a relationship for four years but have never met in person, leaving her friends to question her choices and or hidden motives.

3) Melissa & Louie (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter
Image via Love After Lockup/Twitter

Melissa found her prince charming while working as a mail carrier, where she came across inmate letters. There she found an unexpected prison pen pal, her old high school crush Louie. Though they had crossed paths in the past, they never connected. She now couldn’t resist the opportunity to re-connect with her crush, despite her family’s disapproval. However, Melissa is madly in love with Louie and is determined to move to Georgia to be finally be with him.

4) Jessica and Dustin (Jacksonville, FL)

Enter caption
Enter caption

After a messy divorce, Jessica pursued a career in Corrections Nursing as a way to get over her ex. But things changed when she met inmate Dustin. Not only did she choose to sacrifice her career to follow her heart, but she is now willing to uproot her life and move to Tennessee to be with Dustin after his release, only after meeting his family first.

The show’s rest of the cast members include:

  • Mark (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Bachelor
  • Tai (Buffalo, NY) – Returning cast

Love During Lockup is produced by Sharp Entertainment. Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, Alan Madison and Sophie Mallam are Executive Producers, while Kate Farrell and Lauren P. Gellert are Executive Producers for WE tv.

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