Mohale reacts to ‘Skeem Saam’s’ Eunice blowing her millions on a TV | #daitngscams | #lovescams

Actor and reality TV star Mohale Motaung has been glued to Skeem Saam recently since Oratile Maitisa’s character Eunice became a millionaire and started squandering her millions on weaves, drugs, and booze.   

Eunice has been trending since she acquired the R1.7 million from her late boyfriend Fanie Maseremule – who got killed by Lehasa.  


The media personality Mohale Motaung has been tweeting about Skeem Saam and has become a fan of the educational soapie since Eunice’s gained popularly for her spending spree on unnecessary things such as weaves, drugs, designer clothes, and endless trips.  

Eunice also got a bodyguard after Lehasa’s fiancée Khwezi (Samukele Mkhize) threatened to expose her to the police.  

The TVSA May teasers reveal that she’ll soon be broke and that Kgosi is going to be a terrible influence on her.   

Kgosi has been sent by Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) to convince her to invest in a scam and turn her into an addict until she loses Fanie’s millions.   

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“She’s applying to be on ‘I blew It’.”  


“For Eunice to be rich forever just to deal with Mr Kgomo.”   


“That child gives Mr Kgomo chest pains. I love this for Eunice.”  


“I wish Skeem Saam directors can give Eunice another million when this one ends.”

“I love how she deals with Mr Kgomo.”   


“For Eunice’s money to last a little bit longer because the girl is killing the role.”

“Let’s give her, her flowers!”  


“I love kwa richville.”

“I hope she sues the hospital for millions more.”  


“Eunice deserves an Oscar just for this new character she’s playing.” 


“I want her money doubled!!! yhooo she is flames.”  


“Money loves money, people with money attract money, please give Eunice more millions.”

“There’s no need for a lesson here we love seeing the wealth.” 

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