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Lincoln County Commissioner District B

Ron Hibble, Democrat

Ron Hibble, a Lincoln County resident for more than 30 years, has enjoyed a life of action, accomplishments and entertainment. Ron is a Vietnam veteran, where he served two tours as a Recon Marine and received three Purple Hearts, and during Desert Storm, he received the Navy Accommodation Medal.

Before becoming a Marine, Ron graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Accounting from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. After his return from the wars, he put his education and experience to work and owned a men’s clothing store in Los Angeles and later was elected City Treasurer in Fontana, California. During this time, his talent as an entertainer developed and he also worked as an actor with Ringling Brothers Circus. That training led to chorus singing in musicals on stages around the world.

“I have always felt a need to serve…whether as a Marine, in business/entertainment or through the elected process,” he said.

“Living in Lincoln County, I feel I have enjoyed the greatest secret Nevada has to offer with the greatest people on earth. I am running to serve and to ‘give back.’ As a County Commissioner, I realize my job will be to serve all the citizens and to listen to their needs and ideas, making certain to balance the budget and to solve problems…many which are still economic issues.”

Ron lives in Pioche, Nevada. When not helping friends and neighbors, he can often be found fishing, gold panning or watching baseball – “the greatest game ever.”

Janine Woodworth, Republican

My name is Janine Woodworth, and I’m running for Lincoln County Commissioner. I’m a local with a personal interest in our community. I’ve lived in Lincoln County for over 22 years. I have owned a photography business in Pioche for 19 years. In 2019, I completed training for permanent cosmetics and now own The Vault in Pioche, where we provide permanent cosmetics, tattooing, piercing, lashes, nail and hair services.

My husband, Darrin Woodworth, and I have been married for 29 years and have two children. Darrin has served our community as a Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy for almost 20 years.

I’m running for commissioner because I want to be part of a team that enables Lincoln County to be a safe community with strong economic opportunities. I’m ready to provide new input, energy and ideas towards the decisions that are affecting us all. I will work towards more stable options to increase jobs in Lincoln County so our children and grandchildren will be proud to stay here or return here to live.

If you know me, you know I won’t be bullied or persuaded into something I don’t feel is right.  Although it may be challenging at times, I will hold my ground, take into consideration the thoughts and ideas of our community members and vote for the overall best interests of our county. 

If elected, I will work hard as your commissioner. I have a get-things-done personality, and I look forward to putting it into action for you!

Lincoln County School District, District B

Carol J. Hansen

I, Carol J. Hansen, am running for re-election to serve one more term as Lincoln County School Trustee, Dist. B.

I was born and raised in Lincoln County. I had the privilege of being employed by the Lincoln County School District for 29 years, most of those years as a secretary at LCHS. They were some of the best years of my life! It was during those 29 years that I developed a great love for our kids.

First and foremost, I am running for re-election because I love and care about all our kids! I am totally committed to making decisions for the betterment of every student in every school. I want them to receive the education and skills that will help them to be successful citizens!

Under our Silver State Governance plan, the majority of our school board meetings are devoted to student progress. Our students are doing remarkable things academically and in other ways!

I want our parents to be more involved. I encourage them to attend our board meetings and especially our workshops. It is during the workshops that we have open discussions.

Re-elect Carol J. Hansen in the upcoming General Election! I am dedicated, trustworthy, committed, willing, able, caring and a good listener!

My home phone number is (775)728-4697. If I miss your call, leave a message and I will return your call.

Andy Free

My name is Andy Free, and my roots run deep in this county. My wife Gretchen and I have six children. The oldest is a 2021 LCHS graduate, and another is set to graduate in 2023. I am a special agent for the government and have been involved for over three years on the LCHS Parent Advisory Board, as well as being a leader of many youth groups and coaching various youth teams. I am running to be a trustee (district B) on the school board because I feel there needs to be more parent representation on the board. 

I want to know your concerns, and I will always listen. I will continually study every issue concerning the students in this county. Every student is important. Every student deserves to be valued and receive the best education for their individual needs. Every parent deserves to be heard as their advocate. Vote for me, and I will be the bridge between parents, students and their education.

Lincoln County School District, District D

Ann Smith

I moved to Lincoln County to teach school in 1973. I met my husband and raised our seven children, who all graduated from LCHS. 

I taught kindergarten, first grade and third grade each for 13 years. I also taught fifth grade for two years. After I retired in 2015, I substituted in nearly all levels. In 2022 there was a vacancy in the school board, and I felt I could be of use. I enjoy the experiences on the board and am committed to doing more for education in our county. I care about students and their future roles.

Mary Jo Shearer

For those that don’t know me personally, I would like to introduce myself. I have lived in Caliente for a total of 12 years, and my wife, Sheila, has lived in Caliente 25 years. We have two children, Cooper and Ruby, who will both be attending Caliente Elementary School in the fall.

I am a small business owner with over 10 years of leadership experience. I also have served on a local nonprofit board supporting the arts locally for four years. In my different roles in the community, I have enhanced my problem-solving skills and developed a strong passion for public service.

I am running as a parent dedicated to serving as a vital voice for keeping our schools on track, always with the students’ best interests and safety in mind. My goal is to bring a parent’s perspective to the board that empowers our school district to make positive long-term decisions.

If elected, I will always be available to listen to your concerns. I do not take this responsibility lightly and will be transparent in all that I do. I will keep the children at the center of every decision that I help make. I am available to answer any questions anyone may have.

Finally, I would like to humbly ask for your vote in the November 8 General Election.

Lincoln County Sheriff

Chase Dirks

My name is Chase Dirks, and I am running for Lincoln County sheriff. With over 20 years of continuous service with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, I feel that I am qualified and ready for the position. I have investigated many types of crimes, such as homicides, crimes against children, sexual assaults, white collar crimes, burglaries, drugs and more. Some of my other responsibilities include administrative duties such as writing and updating policies, hiring new employees, internal affairs and working with the sheriff on budgets. 

When elected, my first order of business will be to hire more patrol officers for the already slim roster. Until this is done, I will continue to cover shifts as well as cover my duties as sheriff. I also plan to add more K9 officers to our department. One grant is already in the works for another drug dog, and I would like to have at least one more for search and rescue purposes. Other goals include continuing efforts to get a jail contract, providing training opportunities for officers and ramping up efforts to get drugs out of our communities. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the people of Lincoln County. Thank you.

Derek Foremaster

I started my law enforcement career in 1999 with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Throughout my career I was a dispatcher, jail officer, patrol officer, school resource officer, drug canine handler, sexual assault investigator, internal affairs investigator, training instructor and supervisor. I was dependable and loyal to the sheriff’s office and to Lincoln County for over 21 years. 

During my career I never received any disciplinary action, nor were any formal complaints made against me. Due to county budget restraints, I was given an early retirement opportunity in 2020. 

I still possess certification as a peace officer through the Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training, which is a requirement to fulfill the office of sheriff. I have the experience and knowledge necessary to run the sheriff’s office. The county taxpayers will not be paying me to learn how to do the job. I will be there on day one, ready to work. 

I work well with others and have great leadership skills. I received the first ever endorsement from the Lincoln County Law Enforcement Association because they know I can bring everyone together to make a more unified and cohesive department. There will be changes made within the sheriff’s office, and I look forward to working with everyone to accomplish them. Please follow my Facebook page for more information at “Foremaster for Sheriff 2022.”

Nevada Assembly District 33

Bert Gurr, Republican

I’m a lifelong resident of Elko County. By age eight, I was delivering newspapers, mowing lawns and helping my dad at his second job at night. After graduating in 1966, I tried college, then worked at many different jobs, including rangeland firefighting, survey crew, hunting guide and working for the company that started the Spring Creek development. Two years later, I bought property that’s now the Lucky Nugget subdivision near South Fork Reservoir.

A charter member of the Elko County realtors, I’ve served the industry ever since as 1995 President of the Nevada Association, as an unpaid lobbyist during four legislative sessions, and as Chair of the National Land Use & Private Property Forum. The governor appointed me to the Nevada Real Estate Commission twice.

Rural Nevada needs strong representation in Carson City. My background and experience mean I can bring that to the Assembly. We need serious oversight for our current government’s inclination to outgrow our ability to pay for it. Ranching, mining and outdoor recreation are rural Nevada’s lifeblood and need to be preserved. I’m committed to tackling issues with water, rural air service, education, Highway 93 and expanding affordable health services.

John “Doc” Garrard, Democrat

I am John “Doc” Garrard.

I am a fourth generation resident in the Great Basin from pioneer stock that came here in the 1840s, including Native ancestors.

I’m a multi-generation veteran and served as a special operations corpsman taking care of Navy, Coast Guard and Marine assets in the Gulf War and earning the title “Doc” in combat. As a highly decorated vet from both the Coast Guard and Army, I retired from the Medical Research command.

I’m a biologist trained at Utah State University and four other institutions, with a master’s degree. I hold a current teaching certificate, and I am committed to improving education in rural Nevada.

I was an instructor in the military and served as an EMT and fireman for over thirty years in federal or volunteer service. I am a journeyman carpenter and worked in the mining and construction industry. I was a shooting instructor for 23 years, teaching youth and military assets.

I enjoy hunting and fishing, but want a balance between grazing, mining and recreation and wild areas in Nevada.

As an advocate, I have worked with Reno and Las Vegas and helped get the solar power initiative Question Five passed with popular vote.

As a moderate, I have my religious and cultural values. I am LDS and come from Catholic, Baptist, Native and people who sought religious freedom. I will include everyone and not just one ideology or party. 

I live on a ranch I inherited. I have fought for Northern Nevada water resources, medical and veteran care, term limits, tribal rights and youth education. I am a lifelong member of several veteran organizations and a DAV advocate.

I am a permanent Elko County resident by tax poll, even when I served in the military.

Nevada Attorney General

Aaron D. Ford, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Attorney General Aaron D. Ford is Nevada’s 34th Attorney General. As the chief law enforcement officer for the state, Attorney General Aaron Ford’s goal continues to be helping to protect Nevada families. AG Ford believes there is no task greater than the pursuit of justice and has adopted the office motto of “Our Job is Justice.” His priority areas include what he refers to as the “Five C’s”: constitutional rights, criminal justice reform, consumer protection, client service and community engagement. Under his direction, AG Ford’s office has made protecting consumers from fraud, scams and anti-competitive activity a top priority, securing over $85 million in recoveries on behalf of Nevada consumers, as well as settlements of over $300 million on behalf of countless Nevada families who have lost relatives to opioid abuse.

Sigal Chattah, Republican

Born in Israel in 1975, Sigal Chattah immigrated to Nevada with her family when she was 14 years old. Sigal’s father is a retired developer, and her mother is a retired registered nurse. Sigal is a graduate of Valley High School in Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Sigal attended Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Upon her return to Nevada, Sigal started her own law firm and has since then combined her love for the law, zealous constitutional advocacy and extensive pro bono work in the furtherance of justice for all Nevadans. 

Sigal has been endorsed by law enforcement, Gun Owners of America and the Nevada GOP. She sued Governor Sisolak and Aaron Ford on behalf of small businesses during the COVID lockdowns. She sued Governor Sisolak and Aaron Ford on behalf of parents to unmask children in school. Most importantly, Sigal sued Governor Sisolak in Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain v Sisolak and prevailed in the 9th Circuit U.S. Federal Court of Appeals, forcing Governor Sisolak to allow places of worship to have the same capacities as other businesses.

John T. Kennedy, Libertarian

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Nevada State Controller

Andy Matthews, Republican

Andy Matthews is a dedicated, proven champion for individual liberty, prosperity and opportunity who is running to be Nevada’s next state controller.

Andy served for nearly four years as the president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a nonprofit that has served as Nevada’s foremost government watchdog organization, focusing on issues including fiscal accountability, government transparency and education reform.

Andy currently serves as Nevada’s Assemblyman from District 37. As a legislator, he has consistently opposed destructive tax increases and has personally introduced several reform measures that would greatly increase government transparency and efficiency.

Andy is running for Nevada state controller to bring greater transparency and accountability to government spending here in our state. Especially during this time of skyrocketing inflation and financial pain for so many of our citizens, it is critical that Nevada taxpayers be assured that their government is spending their money responsibly. As controller, Andy will make it job number one to ensure that Nevadans’ hard-earned money isn’t being wasted.

Jed W. Profeta, Libertarian

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Ellen Spiegel, Democrat

My qualifications to be state controller include forty years of business experience and a decade in the state assembly, where I was chair of the Commerce and Labor Committee (2019); majority whip (2017) and vice chair of various committees and sub-committees, including Revenue (then called Taxation), Transportation and the Ways & Means Subcommittee on K-12/Higher Education/Capital Improvement Programs. Additionally, I served two terms on the Interim Finance Committee.

I know where the state’s money comes from, where it goes and I have ideas to help the state make better use of its assets. This experience makes me the most qualified candidate.

My vision for the office is ambitious: I intend to create programs that will help the state better use its assets to help Nevadans and move the state forward. 

I’m a graduate of Cornell University, with a degree in consumer economics, and was proud to be an e-commerce pioneer. My career began in financial services, working at companies like American Express and Lloyds Bank, and I also have been licensed to sell life insurance and mutual funds. Today, my consulting firm helps businesses with risk management, quality assurance, strategic and business planning, and leadership development/mentoring.

Nevada State Treasurer

Zach Conine, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Zach Conine earned a B.S. from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and a J.D. from the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law.

He was elected in 2018 as Nevada’s 23rd state treasurer. He leads a team of more than 45 professionals that are responsible for investing the state’s and many local governments’ money, financing community assets and facilities, processing payments for public agencies and collecting and returning unclaimed property. Additionally, Conine is responsible for the Nevada College Savings Plans and administration of numerous scholarship programs and other services.

Conine serves as the chair of the State Infrastructure Bank and the Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada. He is also a member of the State Board of Finance, the Executive Branch Audit Committee and the Advisory Council on Federal Assistance. He also served as the past chair of the State Debt Management Network, a nationwide professional organization for issuers and managers of state debt, and as the head of the Western Region for the National Association of State Treasurers.

Prior to public service, Treasurer Conine had a successful career in hospitality and finance, including opening a major casino resort and more than 20 restaurants, starting a successful consulting firm and spending time with both private equity and public equity investment funds.

He and his wife Layke are raising their daughter Ruby, twin sons Rutherford and Theodore, and two dogs, Democracy and Liberty.

Brian Elliot, Independent American Party

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Michele Fiore, Republican

Michele Fiore has over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. As the CEO of a construction firm, a home health care company, a consulting company and a publishing firm, she has created more than 1,800 jobs in Las Vegas. As the CEO, she gained experience creating and working within budgets and making decisions about policies and procedures, all while utilizing a solutions-based approach and maintaining a customer service focus. 

Fiore has served in the state legislature, representing the 4thDistrict from 2012-2016. As of July 2017, Fiore represents the City of Las Vegas as the councilwoman for Ward 6, and in July 2019, she was asked by Mayor Carolyn Goodman to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore. 

Fiore’s mission statement is “to keep freedoms for our families so that our legacies can live on infinitely, working together in a healthy environment.”

In January 2018, Fiore was elected as the Republican National Committeewoman for the state of Nevada and has traveled throughout the state to meet with fellow Republicans and promote the party in every county.

Margaret Hendrickson, Independent American Party

I have lived in Las Vegas for over 40 years and worked during that time as a medical practice executive in the private section. I hold a BA degree from UT El Paso, with additional studies in finance, accounting, management and regulatory compliance. 

I am a member of the Independent American Party, and I believe that small, limited and local government gives us the most control over our own lives and best protects our rights, our property and our freedoms. 

People have told me they don’t like to “split their ticket.” Voting for an independent treasurer does not split your ticket. The treasurer does not make policy. You can support the legislative candidates who represent your policy positions, yet still vote for an independent for treasurer. 

You want an independent managing your money and overseeing the financial affairs of the state, someone whose responsibility is only to the voters. Citizens should know that their state treasurer is an advocate for them and doing the best job with investments, unclaimed property, college funds and paying the bills. I have the education, the work experience and the range of skills necessary to do this job and do it well.

Nevada Governor

Edward Bridges II, Independent American Party

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Ed Bridges is a native of Dallas, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Austin. He obtained a degree in psychology and earned his lieutenant’s bars in the U.S. Air Force through the AFROTC program. Bridges volunteered and served two tours in Vietnam and completed over 450 combat missions. He served 22 years in the Air Force and retired as a colonel. Along the way, he obtained his master’s degree in finance from Auburn University.

Upon retirement from the Air Force, Bridges worked as a project manager to build an oil field service camp at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The camp was completed in three months, and Bridges left to join a life insurance company in Anchorage. He subsequently joined the insurance company’s team in Germany and became the European manager. After 18 years in Europe, he retired to Henderson in 2008. 

Bridges was the successful Republican candidate for the county legislature (the Quorum Court) in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1987 and lost a primary race as a Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd district of Nevada in 2009-10.

Bridges is now affiliated with the Independent American Party, believing the two major parties are no longer serving the interests of the citizens. He believes that it is time to return to the fundamental restrictions described in the constitution.

Bridges and his wife, Sook, have five grown children between them and two are living in Nevada. The others live in Montana and Southern California.

Brandon Davis, Libertarian

Brandon Davis is the 2022 Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Nevada. He is a father, a multi-business owner and is involved in political activism in Nevada. He sits as the chair of the National Libertarian Party Candidate Support Committee and is elections committee director for the Libertarian Party of Nevada.

Brandon believes fiscal responsibility, low taxes and economic innovation are key to a thriving state. He’s firm on individual choice and protecting our rights and will fight with everything he has to fix our failing education system.

Having become deeply worried about the direction Nevada is heading in, he decided to take a stand to fix it. Brandon’s biggest priorities include:

  • Repealing taxes to get more money back to Nevadans that need it
  • Enacting school choice initiatives to fix our failing education system
  • Protecting reproductive freedoms
  • Fixing Nevada’s affordable housing crisis

Brandon is not your typical candidate and cares more about caring for and listening to the people of Nevada than special interest groups. He has a bold vision for our state and is not afraid to take on the establishment cronies to get it done.

It’s time Nevada took a stand. We cannot continue doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. In November 2022 you can be bold, be different and choose solutions over party. Vote Brandon Davis for Nevada governor on November 8 and choose a new path forward.

Joe Lombardo, Republican 

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Joe Lombardo served in the United States Army, National Guard and Army Reserve and has since served in law enforcement over the last 30 years. He was elected sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, in 2014.

Lombardo maintains professional affiliations, which include Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), Major County Sheriffs of America (MCSA), National Sheriffs Association (NSA), FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA), Vice-Chair Nevada Commission for Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy Associates. 

He has also served as board member for the LVMPD Foundation (2007-2014), After School All-Stars (2015-2020), Goodwill of Southern Nevada (2007-2009), Make A Wish (2015-2020), committee member for the NV Communications Steering Committee (2012-2014) and MCC’s representative to the Public Safety Advisory Committee (2012-2014). Joe currently serves as a board member for Nevada Child Seekers and chairman of MCCA Intelligence Committee.

Lombardo holds a B.S. and an M.S. in crisis management, both from UNLV.

Steve Sisolak, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the governor’s website.

Steve Sisolak was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He put himself through college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He then enrolled in UNLV’s Graduate Studies Program, where he received a master’s degree in 1978.

Sisolak put down roots in Las Vegas and built his own communications business while raising his two daughters. Both his daughters attended Nevada’s public high schools and UNLV.

He served on the Nevada Board of Regents for 10 years. In 2008, Sisolak was elected to the Clark County Commission, where he served as chairman until being sworn in as governor of Nevada. On the commission, Sisolak touts success as a coalition builder and problem solver and successfully managing the state’s largest county budget and leading the county through the Great Recession. As governor, Sisolak goals are to strengthen Nevada’s statewide economy by diversifying industries and working to attract new fields and recruit job-creating companies to the Silver State.

His priorities also are in education, creating jobs by diversifying the economy and guaranteeing quality, affordable health care for all Nevadans.

Nevada Court of Appeals, Dept. 1

Rhonda Forsberg

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

In April 2019, Rhonda Forsberg was selected by Governor Steve Sisolak to serve as judge of Family Court Department G, of the Eighth Judicial District Court. Prior to that, Forsberg served as a pro tem hearing master for both domestic violence/TPO and family discovery court.

Forsberg is the youngest of five children and was the first of her family to attend college. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Utah in 1995 and completed her law degree from UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law in 2005. 

Forsberg’s legal career began with working for Radford J. Smith, Chartered. She went on to open her own law firm in 2008. Prior to taking the bench, Forsberg handled family cases including divorce, custody, child support, adoptions, guardianship (both adult and minor), domestic violence/TPOs, juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency (abuse and neglect).

Forsberg has volunteered in many capacities, including with mobile teams at the Salt Lake Rape Recovery Center and on the Board of Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, and has devoted many hours of pro bono work assisting children in abuse and neglect cases. She has volunteered for the Ask A Lawyer program as well as other cases assigned by Legal Aid. She also applied and accepted an appointment as court-appointed counsel in juvenile dependency court. 

Forsberg and her husband are the parents of two daughters. 

Deborah Westbrook

My name is Deborah Westbrook, and I’m running for judge in Department 1 of the Nevada Court of Appeals. With 20 years of legal experience and a solid background in civil, criminal and appellate law, I am the most qualified candidate in this race.

My husband and I met at the University of Washington School of Law and, in 2002, we got married over spring break in Las Vegas. After clerking on the D.C. Court of Appeals, we moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and never looked back. For us, home truly means Nevada!

From 2004-2013, I practiced labor and employment law. I was named one of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business in 2012 and 2013. For the past nine years, I have served the community as an appellate attorney at the Clark County Public Defender’s Office. I was named Defender of the Year in 2021, and I was recognized as a top appellate lawyer by Vegas Inc. in both 2021 and 2022.

I am endorsed by law enforcement, veterans, firefighters and other community leaders throughout the state of Nevada. 

As a judge, I will interpret and apply the laws as written, and will never legislate from the bench.

Nevada Lt. Governor

Stavros Anthony, Republican

As a retired police captain, Stavros Anthony knows how important it is to maintain safe communities across Nevada, as well as to provide our brave men and women in law enforcement and their families the resources and support they need.

As a conservative champion on the Las Vegas City Council, Stavros worked to make sure the city budget was balanced, that funding was available to increase public safety and that regulations stifling small businesses were eliminated.

As our next lieutenant governor, Stavros will help lead our state’s economic recovery by focusing on small business, continuing to fight for safe streets and communities, promoting and advancing tourism, and promoting election integrity, low taxes and balanced budgets.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Cano Burkhead, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the lieutenant governor’s website.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Lisa Cano Burkhead is a first-generation American Latina.

After graduating from the University of Redlands with a double major in English and Spanish and her teaching credential, Cano Burkhead spent a decade teaching English and Spanish in Clark County schools before becoming the dean of students and assistant principal at Eldorado High School. 

She spent several years as chief of staff to Northwest Region Superintendent Richard A. Carranza, before returning to Fertitta Middle School as principal. For the past six years, she served as principal at Foothill High School and instituted critical reforms. 

Cano Burkhead was named the 2008 Nevada Association of Student Council’s Administrator of the Year and, in 2016, was awarded the prestigious Public Education Foundation’s Best in Class Award for School Leadership, which honors high performance, strategic thinking and innovation. 

In 2021, she retired from the Clark County School District. She currently teaches educators how to better connect with students and build classrooms that foster learning and, as lieutenant governor, will serve as a public advocate for education.

Cano Burkhead and her husband Jeffrey live in Henderson and have three daughters.

William Hoge, Independent American Party

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Javi “Trujillo” Tachiquin, Libertarian

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

John “Trey” Delap, Nonpartisan

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Trey Delap is a 30-year Nevada resident who graduated with a B.A. in political science from UNLV in 2001 and an M.A. in ethics and policy studies in 2007. Last year he earned an Executive M.B.A. from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Delap notes he is in long-term recovery from a gambling addiction. The addiction led to a felony conviction, which made it difficult for him to find work. His first job after earning his master’s degree was washing dishes. In time, he found additional work and eventually was hired on with a nonprofit organization. In 2014, he founded Group Six Partners, LLC, where he serves community-based nonprofits.

That led Delap to Carson City, where he advocated for legislation to improve Nevada’s addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support systems. He is running for lieutenant governor for the chance to work with state elected officials to make more investments in long-term sustainable mental health support.

Nevada Secretary of State

Francisco “Cisco” Aguilar, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Francisco “Cisco” Aguilar was born in Tucson, Arizona. The first in his family to graduate from college, Aguilar has a bachelor of science degree in finance and accounting, as well as an MBA and J.D., all from the University of Arizona. 

He moved to Nevada more than 20 years ago. He has worked as special counsel to Jim Rogers, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education. He also formerly served as general counsel for Agassi Graf, the management company for tennis legends Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf, and the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.

In 2017, Aguilar was selected as a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow, where he spent a year working at Adidas Global Headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, as a member of the Brand Sustainability team. 

He became the founding chairman of Cristo Rey St. Viator Board of Trustees. The school serves students in one of Las Vegas’ most vulnerable neighborhoods, and provides a work-study program designed to prepare them for future careers.

Cisco’s expertise in the intersection of athletics and law led to an appointment to the Nevada Athletic Commission, which regulates boxing and mixed martial arts. He was appointed by governors Jim Gibbons and Brian Sandoval, and served on the Commission for eight years. 

Aguilar is a member of the Nevada, California and Arizona Bars. He also serves as a member of the board of directors for a variety of companies and organizations.

Ross Crane, Libertarian

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Janine Hansen, Independent American Party

I am a candidate for secretary of state for the Independent American Party.

As state president of Nevada Families for Freedom, I have served as a citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature, representing families and taxpayers full time since 1981. I am particularly concerned with election integrity legislation, making sure the elections are fair and honest. I serve as the state chairman of the Independent American Party, providing voters a choice of candidates who support the constitution, stand for liberty, freedom of religion, speech and the right to keep and bear arms. I’ve been endorsed by the Nevada Firearms Coalition. I was named “Conservative of the Year” in 2010 by Citizens Outreach. I serve as state chairman of STOP Question 1 ERA, which erases women, girls and families.

I am married, a mother of four and a grandmother of seventeen. This is my motivation for running for office: to leave a better state for my children, grandchildren and future generations. I graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science degree from Brigham Young University. I have worked passionately all my life to protect life, liberty and family values.

Jim Marchant, Republican

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Jim Marchant has worked in corporate technology since 1984 and has been an opponent of government regulation of the internet. Marchant founded the Federation of Internet Service Providers of America and spent much of his career lobbying for internet freedom laws.

Marchant has represented the 37th district in the State Assembly. He was ranked as one of the top conservatives in the State Assembly in 2017. He served on the Commerce and Labor, Energy, Taxation and Government Affairs Committees. 

He ran for the U.S. House in 2020, losing to Democrat Steven Horsford in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. He claims he was a victim of election fraud and says his biggest priority as secretary of state will be “to overhaul the fraudulent election system in Nevada.”

Board of Regents, District 8

Michelee “Shelly” Crawford

I am a wife, mom, principal and military service member. My husband Mike and I have been married since 2002. Mike is a fifth-generation union ironworker and Army veteran. Together we have raised our two children. My daughter is enrolled in GBC and CSN. As a working-class family, I understand the importance of affordable college for working-class families.

My initiatives include increasing opportunities for access to college, increasing programming resources for rural NSHE institutions, restoring board credibility with collective work focused on outcomes measured by student enrollment, program options and stakeholder climate surveys. 

I wrote and passed a nonpartisan $10 million bill to create educational opportunities in the Senate Bill 352. I worked on the $6 billion American Recovery Act to provide broadband internet to rural communities. I am the recipient of the Public Education Foundation’s Educator Hero of the year.

I have an associate of arts degree in psychology, a BA in teaching ESL, an M.Ed in curriculum and instruction, a literacy certificate from UoP, a public policy certificate from Georgetown and an Ed.D in leadership and education from William Howard Taft University. 

John Patrick Rice

As a professional in higher education for nearly 30 years, I am eager to bring my experience to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents. Having worked as a professor, administrator and leader in higher education, I have unique skills and perspectives that will enhance the education of Nevada’s college students. The future of Nevada’s workforce, professional education and research needs to be stewarded by professionals committed to guiding NSHE into the second quarter of the 21st century. I am such a candidate.

To assure the strength of higher education throughout Nevada, I will work to promote access in rural and urban communities with capital investment in both brick and mortar and online learning infrastructure. Online instruction cannot be the default for rural students.

Because of the excellent work of the faculty and staff at Great Basin College, NSHE has in place a world-class distance education program. GBC already instructs students in every Nevada county, in nearly 40 states in the US and in several countries across the globe. NSHE can capitalize on GBC’s accomplishments in distance learning and increase its worldwide reach. 

Please cast your vote for me as regent, District 8. 

U.S. Senate

Catherine Cortez Masto, Democrat

I’m Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, and I’m running for re-election because Nevadans deserve a senator who will continue to cut through gridlock and dysfunction in Washington and deliver real results for our families. Right now, my focus is creating jobs, lowering costs and giving Nevadans a break. 

There are thousands of jobs coming to our state through our bipartisan infrastructure law, which will fix our roads and bridges. Infrastructure isn’t just roads and bridges, though. I made sure that law included essential funding to combat our wildfire crisis and help connect all of our communities by expanding broadband. I’ve also worked with Republicans and Democrats to set up a domestic supply chain for critical minerals, helping us compete with the Chinese government while creating jobs in Nevada.

But I know our job isn’t done. I’m pushing for an all-of-the above approach to bring down prices, including lowering health care costs through prescription drug negotiation and capping the cost of lifesaving drugs like insulin, bringing down gas prices and increasing middle-class housing availability.

Nevada is my home. I was born and raised here, and I’ve lived here my whole life. I will always fight for the people of this state.

Adam Paul Laxalt, Republican

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Adam Paul Laxalt graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University and graduated from Georgetown University Law Center. Additionally, he is a former naval officer and Iraq veteran, serving in Iraq detainee operations. Laxalt’s team was in charge of more than 20,000 detainees during the surge, keeping America’s troops and citizens safer by assisting with the detention and prosecution of thousands of war criminals and terrorists. For his exemplary service, Laxalt was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal. His unit was also awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. 

While on active duty, Laxalt served as a special assistant U.S. attorney and as an assistant professor of law in the Leadership, Ethics and Law Department at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Laxalt, a fourth-generation Nevadan born in Reno, served as Nevada’s 33rd attorney general from 2015-2019, entering office as the youngest attorney general in the country at the time.

Barry Linderman, Nonpartisan

Barry Lindemann has western roots. His formative years were in Wyoming growing up on a cattle ranch. He put himself through college in Minnesota, moved to Denver for work in media, then in 2000 he relocated to Las Vegas to work in construction. In 2004 he transitioned to finance and in 2015 he earned his MBA and now runs a real estate portfolio.

His leap into politics is out of necessity as he understands that if we travel much further on the road we are going, then we may never recover financially.

He has traditional values and common sense. He is fiscally responsible along with making sure provisions are made of those who need help until they can get on their feet.

Barry Rubinson, Independent American Party

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

Neil Scott, Libertarian

Candidate could not be reached, and no campaign info was found.

U.S. House Nevada District 4

Steven A. Horsford, Democrat

The candidate did not submit a profile, but the following comes from the campaign’s website.

Steven Horsford was born and raised in Las Vegas. As the son of a single mother, he worked multiple jobs to help support his younger siblings and was the first in his family to attend college. He later led the state’s largest career training program at Nevada’s Culinary Training Academy, where he helped train and place thousands of Nevadans in good-paying jobs in the hospitality and other in-demand industries. He then later founded his own job-training company. 

After some time overseeing the Culinary Training Academy, he won a seat in the Nevada Senate and quickly rose to the rank of senate majority leader. While in the Senate, he spearheaded the effort to work across party lines to solve the state’s worst budget crisis. 

In 2012, Steven won his election in the newly created 4th Congressional District. He lost the seat to Cresent Hardy in 2014, but won it back in 2018.

Horsford touts as accomplishments the passage legislation to make housing more affordable, bring down the cost of prescription drugs and give Nevada families a tax cut while securing funding for Nevada’s schools and investing in job-training programs. 

​He also touts pandemic relief efforts he voted for, including checks to working families and assistance to Nevada’s small businesses while helping thousands of Nevadans stay in their homes, as well as passing an infrastructure plan.

Sam Peters, Republican

Sam is a retired major from the U.S. Air Force, serving more than 20 years as a K9 law enforcement officer and later as a commissioned officer. His tours included duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Sam earned a Bronze Star for service in Afghanistan. 

After serving in the military, Sam spent two years as a field manager for a Fortune 500 company, where he led 31 storefronts as a business consultant, executing nearly $100M in annual revenue. Later, Sam opened his own small business, Peters Family Insurance, a three-time “Best of Las Vegas” risk management firm. 

While Sam was deploying worldwide and training airmen and K-9s stateside, he was also a devout student. He earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration, graduating magna cum laude. He finished his master of science in administration, with focus on law, through Central Michigan University and holds a graduate-level certificate in organizational finance from the University of Maryland University College. 

Sam is a former board member of his local Rotary Club and has a long history of community service. He is married to Melissa J. Peters (Lunsford), originally of South Carolina. Sam and Melissa have two children, Connor (8) and Callie (4). Sam also has a 24-year old daughter, Kelsey. 

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