Official WhatsApp warning issued urging users to make key settings change or risk scams | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

Millions of WhatsApp users are being urged to make some simple changes to their settings today to avoid being hacked or scammed.

Following the recent return of a six-digit WhatsApp text scam, the team behind the popular messaging app has shared a set of instructions for anyone looking to protect their messages and photos.

First off, make sure your profile picture is private so that strangers can’t steal your photo and impersonate you.

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To do this, head to Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Picture and select My contacts.

WhatsApp has shared a graphic of four key security settings changes you can make to protect your account(Image: WhatsApp)

This will stop people you don’t know from seeing your photo or misusing it for a ‘friend in need’ scam, which is where hackers impersonate family members or close friends then asks for money to be transferred to them due to a fake ’emergency’.

One of the biggest WhatsApp scams doing the rounds at the moment is where hackers hijack or impersonate an account and then contact people asking for their six-digit recovery code.

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