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Students are heading home for the summer, and storage provider Kit Keeper has revealed the 10 strangest things they have been asked to look after in their storage facilities. Students acquire a lot of weird stuff at university, and lots of it they’d probably rather their parents didn’t see.

With the cost of living soaring, public transport prices being hiked up and petrol becoming more expensive than ever, students are looking for new options to save them and their parents unnecessary journeys over the summer.

One option is to put property into storage over the summer rather than carting it home, then back to uni.

10 bizarre things students want to put in storage this summer

  1. A live tarantula – Kit Keeper was asked to babysit a live tarantula over the summer holidays, terrifying.
  2. Boxes and boxes of sex toys – No one wants their mum finding their collection when they get home for summer. Requests have been flying in for students looking to hide their stash. In previous summers, staff from Kit Keeper have reported hearing containers ‘buzzing’ before finding a collection of over 70 toys.
  3. Life sized celebrity cardboard cutouts – Students have been asking to store cardboard cutouts of the entire Kardashian family, even new arrivals Pete and Travis. They’ve also been asked to store One Direction cardboard cutouts.
  4. A 7ft shisha pipe – Some habits you don’t want your parents to know about.
  5. Enough lingerie for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show – Students wanting to impress that rugby player they met in the SU have built up quite the collection of lingerie it seems. Beats waking up next to someone dressed as a smurf.
  6. An 8kg block of brie – Tasty but incredibly smelly.
  7. An assortment of porn mags – There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self love, and for some students there’s a lot of self loving going on.
  8. 523 rubber ducks – Where do you even buy this many rubber ducks?
  9. A huge collection of fancy dress including a Colin the Caterpillar outfit – Student nights are known for their wacky fancy dress, but this student had worked hard on their homemade Colin masterpiece.
  10. A traffic cone – Turns out the student cliché isn’t dead. Kit Keeper doesn’t advocate stealing though!

Michael McCreadie, Founder at Kit Keeper added: “I’m no longer surprised when it comes to what students ask if they can store, university is all about discovering yourself after all, isn’t it? A personal highlight for me was the 15 litres of hot sauce we were asked to look after but it’s always entertaining to see what today’s students are acquiring during their studies”.

There are some things you can’t put in storage

There are some rules around what you can and can’t store for health and safety reasons, so always double check if you’re not sure. Prohibited items include:

  1. Musical instruments in soft cases
  2. Mirrors or large glass items
  3. Food and perishable goods including sauces
  4. Antiques (breakable and fragile)
  5. Birds, fish, animals or any other living creature
  6. Any item which emits fumes, smell or odour

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