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Dating an unaffectionate partner may vary from not being able to express the words ‘I love you’, holding your hand in public, and even giving longer hugs.

Clement Manyathela speaks to 702’s listeners about how to deal with a partner who is not affectionate.

Are you in a relationship, marriage, or friendship with someone who does not display signs of affection?

A 702 listener e-mailed to seek advice on how to communicate with her partner who is not affectionate towards her.

She added that their intimacy is great, they can talk for hours on the phone, but her boyfriend will not show even an ounce of affection.

Her topic was discussed on _What’s The Tea _feature with 702’s Clement Manyathela.

I am laughing because I have been through that to a point, that actually now I’m married to then my boyfriend and now husband of five years. I had to understand how he portrays love to me and that it may not be the way I do to him.

Sihle, Johannesburg

I feel much better that I am not alone and talking about my boyfriend because I would suggest everything, but he will never say he loves me. I have made peace with it because I am convinced, he is in love with me.

Sophia, Benoni

It is also believed that calmly explaining how you feel to your unaffectionate partner helps to improve how they behave toward you in a relationship.

Anonymous was advised to have an honest conversation with her boyfriend.

It depends on the extent to which he fulfils her in other parts of the relationship that matters the most to her. I think it is about having an honest conversation, she needs to look at the relationship for long-term length and be honest with herself.

Nomonde, Fourways

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